ECOSAD action is aimed at control of various fungal diseases of fruits and orchards: Alternaria and Penicillium fruit rots, grey mould, brown fruit rot 

FRUITIN - effective preparation to protect apple-trees and other fruit cultivars from microbial diseases (apple scab, bacterial canker of apple, pear, cherry, plum trees, European canker, gray rot of berry plantations); bulbiferous floral cultures (lily, gladiolus) from fusarial wilt, gray rot and Penicillium mould; arboreous cultures (maple, chestnut) from black and brown leaf spot; coniferous trees from Diplodia infection

BETAPROTECTIN - is designed to control several pathologies, like clamp rot, common scab, fusarial and brown rot in root tubers of table and sugar beet, carrot in the course of storage and vegetation; to curb grey rot, Penicillium mould and fusarial wilt in bulbiferous floral cultures; to protect conifers from Diplodia attack

MULTIPHAGE was developed to protect vegetable crops from diseases in open field conditions

ECOGREEN® - is designed to control pathologies of vegetable and green spice crops in low-volume hydroponic culture. Ecogreen is efficient against gray and root rot of cucumbers and root rots of green spice crops

KARPHIL - to protect potato seed material from reinfection in the course of microclonal reproduction during vegetation in greenhouse culture

BACTOSOL - biological preparation to suppress progress of fungal and bacterial pathologies in the course of potato vegetation and storage (late blight, anthracnose, black scab, dry rot, black leg)

XANTREL - bioinsecticide for comprehensive protection of potato and vegetable cultivars from microbial infection and pest invasion

BACITURIN - is intended for biological control of pests, like Colorado beetle, spider mite, aphid, carrot leaf flea, cabbage and turnip white butterfly and moth, attacking a spectrum of vegetable crops: potatoes, carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, melons

BACTAVEN controls a complex of pathogens infecting oats to derive ecologically safe food grain


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