to control most deleterious potato
fungal and bacterial diseases during
vegetation and storage

Efficiency of action
Application of this biopesticide enables to reduce spread of infection in vegetating potato plants by 60-80%, in stored tubers by 60-70% and attain harvest preservation rate 92-93%

Application guidelines

  • Treatment to control early and late blight

The first preventive sprinkling is performed using 2% working biopesticide solution at the phase when potato haulm is linked up in rows. The subsequent 4 procedures should be spaced by 7-10 day  intervals

Recommended Bactosol expense:
6 l of concentrate (300 l of working solution) / 1 hectare

  • Antirhizoctonial treament of potato tubers is carried out prior to planting compaign

Bactosol concentrate is spent
at the dose 1 l of concentrate (10 l of working solution) / 1 ton

  • Control of soft and dry rots, watery wound rot

The tubers are treated before piling for winter storage at the dose
0.5 of concentrate (5 l of working solution) / 1 ton

Ecological benefits
Bactosol application enables to produce ecologically, safe vegetables and alleviate pesticide stress on agrobiocenoses. It does not affect tuber flavor, nutritive and biological value. The product is not phytotoxic and absolutely harmless for humans, animals, beneficial insects, will not generate toxic pollutants of the environment and will not induce emergence of drug-resistant pathogens

Active ingredients
Spores and metabolites of bacteria Bacillus subtilis

Principle of action
Is based on antagonistic relations between bacteria Bacillus subtilis and phytopathogenic microorganisms

Preparative form

Terms of storage
6 months in the temperature range +4 to +15°C in sealed containers shielded from fall-out

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