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Vitaliy A. Shchatko, Ph.D., Professor

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Biotechnological Center was set up in 2005 on the basis of Innovation Department of the Institute of Microbiology.


Main investigation trends:

  • elaboration and scale-up of novel biotechnologies;
  • low-tonnage fabrication and marketing of diverse biological preparations (microbial fertilizers, plant biological control agents, bacterial conservating agents, probiotics, etc.);
  • providing expertise and consultative supervision of arrangements to launch industrial output of microbial preparations.

Attained results:

Up-to-date biotechnological pilot-plant production launched at facilities of Biotechnological Center enables to implement original submerged fermentation processes for microbial strains – sources of valuable products, to recover active metabolites from cultural media, to manufacture competitive commodity forms of various biopreparations – bioconservating agents, enzymes and probiotics, microbial fertilizers and biopesticides, food and feed premixes, pharmaceutical substances for drugs and diagnostic kits. Design capacity of pilot plant production estimated for liquid preparations is about 30 ton per year. Over 40 technologies of producing diverse biopreparations were scaled up at Biotechnological Center in the period 2010-2015. All kinds of fabricated products substitute imported analogs.

Representative publications:

  1. Effect of temperature and inoculation material on growth and biosynthetic activity of lactic acid bacteria / L. V. Romanova [et al.] // Biotechnology – from theory to practice: Proc. Int. Conf. in Tribute of Prof. N. Kireeva. – Ufa, 2014. – Vol. 2. – P. 190–193.
  2. Optimization of conditions for submerged fermentation of alfalfa-nodulating bacteria / О. N. Kuzmina [et al.] // Int. Sci. Conf. «Microbial biotechnology – science-oriented trend of contemporary knowledge». – Kishinev, 2011. – P. 174–175.
  3. Comparative analysis of higher basidial fungi grown in submerged culture / L. А. Orlova [et al.] // Int. Sci. Conf. «Microbial biotechnology – science-oriented trend of contemporary knowledge». – Kishinev, 2011. – P. 192–193.
  4. Romanova, L. V. Optimization of submerged fermentation of probiotic lactic acid bacteria / L. V. Romanova, О. N. Kuzmina, Е. V. Antyushenya // 2nd Int. Congress on Probiotics. – Saint-Petersburg, 2009. – P. 33.
  5. Kolomiets, E. I. Innovative research and development products for agriculture elaborated at Institute of Microbiology, NAS Belarus / E. I. Kolomiets, L. V. Romanova // Proc. Int. Sci-Pract. Conf «New achievements in substitution of materials imported for chemical and construction industries». – Minsk, 2009. – P. 2, 6–8.
  6. Certain modern aspects of biotechnology of complex probiotic preparations / L. V. Romanova [et al.] // Int. Congress «Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and functional foodstuffs. fundamental and clinical aspects», Saint-Petersburg, May 15–16, 2007. – Saint-Petersburg, 2007. – P. A 64.

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