Laboratory of Interactions Between Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants

Head of the laboratory

Irina N. Ananeva

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phone: +375 (17) 357-99-67; 347-08-92

The laboratory was founded in 1967.

Main investigation trends:

- studies on interaction of symbiotic and associative rhizosphere microorganisms with plants;
- investigation of structure and physiological-biochemical activities of agrobiocenoses and their regulation to improve soil fertility and increase plant productivity;
- elaboration of microbial fertilizer production and application technologies. 

Results of researh activities:

- plant-microbial associations Rhizobium galegae 5 + Serratia sp. 53 + Galega orientalis Lam.; Rhizobium loti 86 + Pseudomonas fluorescens П 1/л + Lotus corniculatus L.; Ensifer meliloti S3 + Serratia plymuthica 57 + Medicago sativa; Bradyrhizobium japonicum 72 + Enterobacter sp. 64 + Glycine max, stimulating growth of cultivars in sod-podzol soil polluted with crude oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, industrial oil and promoting degradation of oil hydrocarbons were composed;
- halophilic bacteria resistant to sodium, potassium and calcium chlorides in 10 and 15% concentrations were isolated from soil sampled near Starobin deposit of Belaruskali concern and soil salinized under model conditions. Collection of halophilic nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing cultures capable to stimulate growth of cultivars in saline soil was set up;
- technologies for production and application of microbial preparations based on nitrogen – fixing, phosphate-mobilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi were elaborated to promote growth and adaptation to  adverse environmental factors of cloned planting stock belonging to shrubwood species of genus  Vaccinium and of forest seedlings;
- processes were developed for fabrication and use of eco-safe monobacterial preparations «Rhizobacterin», «Phytostimophos», «Vogal», «SoyaRhiz», binary compositions «Biolinum», «Gordebac», «Rhizophos» (varieties «Galega», «Alfalfa», «Clover»), complex fertilizers comprising nitrogen – fixing, phosphate-mobilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi – «AgroMyc», «Bactopin», «MaCloR» intended for stimulation of plant development and for induction of resistance to biotic and abiotic stress;
- chicken litter was converted by aerobic fermentation into biofertilizer «PolyFunCur» ensuring elevated crop productivity and ecological safety of agricultural production.

Representative publications:

  1. Efficient strain of slow-growing nodulating bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum 84 KL as a basis of biofertilizer «Soyarhiz» / L. E. Kartyzhova [et al.] // Biological Systems, Biodiversity, and Stability of Plant Communities; L. Weisfeld (eds.) [et al.]. – Waretown : Apple Academic Press, Inc., 2015. – P. 232–239.
  2. Nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing bacteria for growth stimulation of agricultural crops / Z. M. Aleschenkova [et al.] // Vestn. Bashkir. Univer. – 2015. – Vol. 20, № 1. – P. 82–86.
  3. Aleschenkova, Z. Acceleration of petroleum degradation in soil using plant-microbial associations / Z. Aleschenkova. L. Kartyzhova, A. Fedorenchik // J. Biotechnol. Biomater. – 2014. – Vol. 3, № 5. – P. 255.
  4. Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant growth and development / Z. Aleschenkova [et al.] // Nauka i Innovatsii. – 2011. – № 2. – P. 59–64.
  5. Solovyova, E. А. Effect of associative nitrogen-fixing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on productivity of spring triticale / E. А. Solovyova, Z. М. Aleschenkova, N. M. Ermishina // Zemlyarobstva i Ahova Raslin. – 2011. – № 6. – P. 30–33.
  6. Kartyzhova, L. E. Selection of competitive and strains of Rhizobium galegae / L. E. Kartyzhova // Biological Systems, Biodiversity, and Stabiliy of Plant Communities / L. Weisfeld [et al.] (eds.). – Waretown: Apple Academic Press, Inc., 2015. – P. 242–250.

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