Microbial Collection Laboratory

Head of the laboratory:

Anastasiya V. Sidarenka

Ph.D. in biology, Associate Professor (Ass. Prof.)

Phone: +375 (17) 268-61-21
Fax: +375 (17) 267-47-66
E-mail: collection@mbio.bas-net.by, a_sidarenka@mbio.bas-net.by

The laboratory was founded in 1995.

Laboratory staff:

Leading researcher PhD Alena I. Ladutska;
Researcher Hanna V. Kanterova;
Researcher Hanna A. Bareika;
Junior Researcher Alexandra D. Gerasimovich;
Junior Researcher Svetlana I. Leonovich;
Junior Researcher Victoriya V. Savich;
Junior Researcher Anastasiya V.  Savchik.

Principal research trends:

-   depositing and maintenance of microbial cultures valuable for different areas of microbiology and biotechnology in a specialized collection fund;
-   selection and genetic engineering of highly active strains to develop biopreparations of novel generation;
-   molecular-genetic identification of bacteria, bacteriophages, filamentous and yeast-like fungi, studies on physiology and genetics of microorganisms representing diverse taxonomic groups;
-   optimization of long-term preservation methods for microbial cultures in collection depository;
- classification of information on deposited cultures, setting up databases describing microbial collection stock, consulting on identification and preservation of microorganisms;
- depositing of microbial strains for storage and patent procedure;
- provision of microbial cultures upon request of scientific institutions, universities, production enterprises of microbiological profile.

Major investigation results:

- Belarusian collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms incorporates over 2470 cultures representing diverse taxonomic groups.
- Belarusian collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms is rated as the Object of National asset.
- The collection was formally registered as a member of World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC).
- Catalogues and databases of microbial cultures comprising entries of type, reference and industrial strains were published in Russian and English versions.
- Guidelines for depositing microbial strains at Belarusian collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms were formulated.
- Procedures for washless method of low-temperature conservation of bacteria, bacteriophages, mycelial and yeast-like fungi were introduced. Optimal regimens of refrigerating-defrosting and desiccation of cell suspensions and bacterial concentrates were defined.
- Molecular-genetical identification of microorganisms from different taxonomic groups is performed on a permanent basis.

Major developments:

Biopesticide Multiphage to control bacterial diseases of vegetables
in open field.
Specifications BY 100289066.110-2013; State registration № 06-0087.


Galina Novik – laureate of the prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus – 2007 for the best scientific work.

Representative publications

  1. Novik, G. Beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Use of lactic acid bacteria in production of probiotics / G. Novik, V. Savich // Pocket guide to bacterial infections / ed. K. Balamurugan. – CRC Press, 2019. – P. 225-278.
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  4. Novik, G. Waste degradation and utilization by lactic acid bacteria: use of lactic acid bacteria in production of food additives, bioenergy and biogas / G. Novik, O. Meerovskaya, V. Savich // Food Additives, Chapter 5., ed. by Prof. D. N. Karunaratne, G. Pamunuwa, 2017.– Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, 2017. – P. 105–146.
  5. Novik, G. Bacteriophages of Pseudomonas bacteria: application in medicine and agriculture. / G. Novik, V. Savich // The Battle Against Microbial Pathogens: Basic Science, Technological Advances and Educational Programs. A. Méndez-Vilas (ed.) – Formatex Research Center. 2015/2016 – V.1 – p. 295–304.
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  7. Probiotics / G. Novik [et al.] // Biotransformation of Waste Biomass into High Value Biochemicals / S. K. Brar (eds.) [et al.]. – New York: Springer Science+Business Media, 2014. – P. 187–235.

Государственное научное учреждение
Институт микробиологии Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Адрес: 220141, ул. Купревича, 2, Минск, Республика Беларусь
Факс: +(375) 17 267-47-66
E-mail: microbio@mbio.bas-net.by
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ученый секретарь Арашкова Алина Александровна

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