Laboratory of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria

Head of the laboratory

Natalya A. Golovnyova


Phone: +375 (17) 399-12-22;  243-11-42

The laboratory was founded in 1990 under leadership of Prof. N.I. Astapovich

Main investigation trends:

- isolation, selection and construction of strains with increased biological activity;
- investigation of biogenesis and functional value of bioactive metabolites from bifido- and lactic acid bacteria;
- elaboration of technologies for manufacturing novel highly effective biological preparations and products of biosynthesis.

Results of researh activities:

- highly active acid- and bile- resistant strains of bifido- and lactic acid bacteria distinguished by antimicrobial activity, bacteriocin production and osmotolerance were selected;
- drug resistance of bifido- and lactic acid bacteria was examined to derive strains not sensitive to antibiotics of different classes;
- the role of bacteriocins in antimicrobial activity of bifido- and lactic acid bacteria was revealed and chromosome localization of genes encoding bacteriocin generation was detected;
- correlations were established in biosynthesis of enzymes – amylases, α and β-galactosidases, fructofuranosidases, proteinases, lactate dehydrogenases with subsequent characterization of the products. Bifidogenic effect of oligosaccharides resulting from β-galactosidase transglycosylating action was demonstrated;
- enzyme activities and biological properties of strains exposed to thermal, osmotic, acidic stress in the course of technological processes were determined. Fermentation aspects of bacterial consortium as a basis of polycomponent probiotic preparations were considered;
- biotechnological principles of L-lactic acid production were defined;
- laboratory processes were developed and scaled up for manufacturing ensiling agents «Lacsil»,
«Lacsil-M», «Lacsil-MC»; probiotics «Bilavet», «Bilavet-C», «Lactimet», «Synvet», «Bactomast», applied in stock breeding and veterinary practice; preparations «IM-B1» – ingredient of cosmetic formulas; «IM-pro 1», «IM-laczyme» – both used in food processing.

Representative publications:

  1. Golovnyova, N. A. Lactate dehydrogenase activity of Lactobacillus spand Enterococcus sp. / N. A. Golovnyova, V. A. Shchatko, V. V. Denisenko // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: collect papers. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2014. – Vol. 6. – P. 269 – 276.
  2. Schatko, V. A. The sensitivity of bifidobacteria to antibiotics of different classes / V. A. Schatko, N. A. Golovnyova // Vesti NAN Belarusi. – 2014. – № 2. – P. 103–106.
  3. Golovnyova, N. A. Production of L-lactic acid by fermentation of molassesEnterococcus faecalis / N. A. Golovnyova, N. E. Ryabaya // 8th International Conference in Applied Biotechnology «Microbial biotechnology: Topically and Future», November 19–22, 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine. – P. 94–96.
  4. Ryabaya, N. E. Transglycosylase activity of β-galactosidases of bifidobacteria / N. E. Ryabaya, N. A. Golovnyova, A. N. Morozova // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: collect papers. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2009. – Vol. 2. – P. 175–182.
  5. Naydenko, I. A. Screening of strains of lactobacilli for probiotic preparations actions / I. A. Naydenko, V. V. Denisenko // Clinical Nutrition. – 2007. – № 1–2. – P. А-55.
  6. Morozova, A. N. Characterization of β-galactosidases synthesized byBifidobacterium adolescentis Cf-G / A. N. Morozova, N. A. Golovnyova // Vesti NAN Belarusi. Ser. biol. – 2013. – No 4. – P. 59–62.

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