to protect potato seed material
from reinfection
in the course of microclonal reproduction
during vegetation
in greenhouse culture

Biopesticide is distingushed by a complex action
(antimicrobial, antiviral and growth-promoting activities)

Efficiency of action
Control efficiency of biopreparation against Х and Y viruses of potato crops equals 68.9 and 46.1%, respectively, tuber weight is increased by 48-50%, tuber dry mass ratio rises by 22-34%

Application guidelines
Spraying of potato seedlings with 1% working solution in the course of vegetation period:

1. initial treatment of transplanted microclones to promote their adaptation to non-sterile conditions 

Product expense:
10 ml of the product (1 l of working solution) / 1 000 plantlets

2. repeat the procedure 3 weeks later when main stalk reaches 15-17 cm in height

Product expense:
30 ml of the product (3 l of working solution) / 1 000 plants

3. final treatment timed to early blossoming phase

Product expense:
50 ml of the product (5 l of working solution) / 1 000 seedlings

Ecological advantages
The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals and environment

Active ingredients
Cell, spores and metabolites of sporulating bacteria Bacillus subtilis

Principle of action
Bacterial metabolites stimulate activity of peroxidase isozymes and superoxide dismutase molecular forms in potato plants, securing enhanced immunity to viral infection

Preparative form

Terms of storage
3 months at temperature from +4 to + 15°C in closed container under the roof protecting from atmospheric precipitation and direct sunrays

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