Biopreparations for environmental protection

Antoil – microbial product promoting remediation of wastewaters polluted with lipid compounds

Agrorevitol – for the regulation of soil microbiocenoses and degradation of residual herbicides of the sulfonylurea series and imidazolinones

Biovir - complex composition for decontamination and remediation of fish ponds and water reservoirs polluted with organic and mineral compounds

Deammon – serves to accelerate recovery of municipal sewage and agricultural effluents contaminated with ammonium nitrogen

Teamine – promotes degradation of trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine in effluents and absorption solutions of biochemical decontamination units

Rhodobel-TN® – biosorption agent for recovery of soil and water exposed to pollution with crude oil and refining prducts

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