Microbial fertilizers


POLYBACT complex biopreparation restoring soil microbial cenoses raising harvests of cultivars and upgrading soil fertility

BACTOPIN - for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and vegetating conifers to promote growth, raise yields of standard planting stock and to save expense of mineral fertilizers

AGROMYC - intended for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and vegetating triticale plants to increase crop productivity and resistance to adverse environmental conditions

GORDEBAC - liquid and peat-based microbial preparation intended to raise productivity of brewing barley and other grain crops by pre-sowing treatment of seeds and vegetating plants resulting in higher yields of eco-safe grain (5-10%) with decreased protein content at lower doses of applied mineral fertilizer

BIOLINUM - complex microbial fertilizer for nitrogen fixation, phosphate mobilization, increasing productivity and quality of flax long fiber variety

RHIZOPHOS®(brands Galega, Alfalfa, Clover) - microbial preparation is aimed at increasing productivity of perennial leguminous grasses (Galega orientalis, alfalfa, clover) by pre-sowing treatment of seeds and introduction into furrows

SOYARHIZ - is applied in soya cultivation technology to increase its productivity

POLYFUNCUR - applied to stimulate growth and increase harvests of tilled cultures, to upgrade quality of agroproducts

MACLOR - designed to treat root system of microclonal scedlings, vegetating plants of genus Vaccinium and soil


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