to intensify removal
of trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine

from effluents and process solutions
of biochemical absorption units


Efficiency of action

  • ensures full recovery of water solutions contaminated with trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine;
  • rules out accumulation of secondary pollutants;
  • saves disposal costs due to minimal expense of reagents and materials;
  • alleviates ecological damage caused by discharge of highly toxic chemicals into enviromental media

Application guidelines
The product is supplied directly into decontamination unit in 2% ratio of bioreactor volume. Compressed air is pumped continuously into absorption solution. Temperature of the solution varies in the range 20-35°C (optimal value 28°C); pH – 7.0-7.5; concentrations of the key pollutants should not exceed 2 g/l; mineral salts must be kept under 1% mark. The treated wastewaters and absorbing solutions may contain satellite organic compounds in levels not surpassing those of target contaminants. Presence of bactericides and antiseptics in process solutions is to be excluded. Special detoxification measures are not required. Shake up the product before use

Ecological advantages
Teamine is not phytotoxic and safe for the environment, humans, animals, plants, birds, bees and fish

Active ingredients
Highly active microorganisms-degraders of trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine

Principle of action
Ability of microbial cultures making up biopreparation formula to perform biodegradation of trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine

Preparative form
Liquid (with possible amorphous sediment)

Terms of storage
3 months in temperature range +4 to + 15°C sealed in the container protected from atmospheric fall-out



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