designed for prevention and treatment
of intestinal infections,
for recovery of normal gastrointestinal microflora
of farm stock
and poultry after drug therapy or indigestion,
for correction and prophylaxis of immune disorders

Farm products (milk and meat) may be consumed
without restraint following Synvet application

Efficiency of action

Application of synbiotic enables:

  • to reduce thrice incidence of pathologies in calves and piglets;
  • to decrease calf mortality rate 7-fold;
  • to cut duration of disease by 3.7 days

Introduction of Synvet into rations of broilers promotes:

  • 6.8% increase of average live body weight;
  • 2.8% economy of fodder spent for 1 kg increment of
  • bodyweight, 96.8% survival rate of reared fowl

Application guidelines

The contents of 1 vial is solved in 1 liter of milk (colostrum) or saline and fed for 5-6 days during nutrition

Prophylactic dose Therapeutic dose
CALVES per 10 heads
(on 1-6, 14-19 days of life)
per 5 heads
(until recovery with 2-3 day follow-up)
 PIGLETS per 30 heads
(1-6, 14-19 days of life)
per 16 heads
(till health is restored plus 2-3 extra days)
 BROILERS per 5 000-10 000 chicken
(on days 8-11, 16-17, 24-25, 33-35)
per 3 000-5 000 chicken
(until full rehabilitation)

The treatment protocol is compatible with substitutive therapy agents and antibacterial grugs not suppressing the afore-mentioned bacterial cultures

Ecological benefits
Synvet bacterial constituents are not pathogenic and safe for farm stock. They are distinguished by antimicrobial activity toward pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, resistance to a broad spectrum of antibiotics and sulfanylamide drugs. Synvet is a harmless biopreparation not affecting quality of foodstuffs, not requiring special measures for protection of humans and animals and promoting yields of enviromentally safe agroproducts

Active ingredients
Living freeze-dried cultures of bifidobacteria Bifidobacterium adolescentis, lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum, propionic acid bacteria Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii and prebiotic component making up the active principle of high-quality dry milk analog

Preparative form

Terms of storage
Synvet shelf life – 18 months since manufacturing date. It should be kept in dry shady place at temperature range 0 to +10°С

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