Biosorption preparaion
for decontamination of soil and water polluted
with crude oil and its fractionation prod

Efficiency of action
Rhodobel-TN ensures:

  • 97-99% recovery of soils contaminated with concentrations of oil and derived products up to 0.5% within 2 months during spring-autumn season. The time of soil recultivation is proportional to the oil pollution level;
  • 99.5% removal of oil film from water surface within 15 min since its appearance

Application guidelines

Application dose:
350 kg of the product / 1 ton of spilled oil

Application area
Oil transporting and processing, including depots of petroleum and refined products, warehouses of fuel and grease materials, roundhouses, gasfilling and washing stations, etc.


Ecological advantages
Lack of phytotoxicity and safety for the environment, humans, animals, plants, birds, fish, bees

Active ingredients

  • biomass of microorganisms degrading oil hydrocarbons;
  • peat as oil sorption material and carrier for immobilization of microbial cells – oil degraders;
  • nutrient elements (N, P, K) providing for balanced nutrition of active microorganisms

Principle of action
Rhodobel-TN effect is based on peat ability to absorb crude oil and refined products and capacity of immobilized microorganisms to utilize oil hydrocarbons as nutrition source

Preparative form
Bulky mass

Terms of storage
2 years in temperature range +1 to + 25°C in the container protected from atmospheric fall-out



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