Probiotic feed supplement
for prevention and treatment
of immunodeficiency and infectious diseases
in commercial aviculture

Properties and advantages
Complex feed probiotic supplement Proxiferon displaying antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant activities is an alternative to fodder antibiotics. It ensures normalization of intestinal biocenosis, better forage conversion, suppression of gut pathogenic microbiota, stimulation of non-specific immune response, increased survival rate of chicken, promotion of weight gains and egg productivity

Efficiency of action
The product causes favorable effect of fowl humoral immunity, raises liveweight gains of broilers by 12.5%, enhances egg-laying capacity of hens and carotene content in yolk

Application guidelines
Proxiferon is fed with drinking water:

  • to broilers at the daily dose 15-20 g / 1 000 chicken during 3-5 days, starting from 24 h
  • to laying hens at the dosage 100 g / 1 000 chicken once a day during a week-long course. If necessary, therapy cycles may be repeated every 2 months

It is mixed with composite fodder in the ratio 200 g / 1 ton

Ecological advantages
Proxiferon is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, poultry, beneficial insects. It promotes output of eco-friendly products

Active ingredients, principle of action are determined by the activity of biological constituents:

  • strain Bacillus subtilis produces metabolites showing antagonistic activity against microbial pathogens and hydrolytic enzimes (cellulases, xylanases, proteases)
  • enteric bacteria Pantoea agglomerans synthesize carotenoid pigments expressing antioxidant activity and serving as vitamin A precursors in poultry
  • the ptotein of chicken leukocytic alpha-interferon possesses marked non-specific antiviral and immune-stimulating activities

Preparative form

Terms of storage
9 months at temperature range +4 to +8°C in sealed vessels protected from atmospheric fall-out

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