Immobilized glucose isomerase

Purpose: Production of natural sugar substitutes for dietetic and  prophylactic- therapeutic nutrition – glucose-fructose syrup and/or fructose from presaccharified starchy materials.

Brief description: Method of producing biocatalyst for glucose-fructose isomerization reaction envisaging immobilization of microbial cells producing cell-bound glucose isomerase in silica gel was eleborated and patented (Eurasian patent No. 017266).

Main competitive advantages: During continuous isomerization of glucose syrup half-inactivation time of immobilized glucose isomerase exceeds 1000-1200h at temperature 65°± 5°C and calculated overall productivity constitutes 1-2 ton of the product per 1 kg of enzyme.

The rate of isomerization reaction is not limited by substrate diffusion to bacterial cells as enzymatically active component of biocatalyst. The developed glucose isomerase biopreparation cannot find a fair match in Belarus or other member states of Euroasian Economic Community and its efficiency is comparable to recognized commercial analogs Sweetase ( Nagase, Japan) and Sweetzyme S,Q,T (Novozymes A/S, Denmark)

Elaboration of import – substituting low energy and material – consuming large-scale biotechnology of manufacturing biocatalyst for the process of glucose isomerization into fructose in Belarus possessing unlimited resources of cheap renewable starch-containing feed stock and the derived application procedure will enable to save monetary funds spent for purchase of foreign analogs and subsequent fabrication of glucose-fructose syrup for food industry.

Application area. New biocatalyst manufacturing and application technology scaled up to pilot-plant level will be marketed to industrial clients in Belarus, Russia and other neighbouring countries not capable to produce glucose-fructose syrups – natural sugar replacers due to deficiency of local inexpensive enzyme preparations.

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