Complex biopreparation
to restore soil microbial cenoses
and increase crop productivity

Its application for treatment of grain crop residues promotes activity of major ecological-trophical microbial groups in contrast to mineral fertilizers suppressing soil microbiota. Polybact is distinguished by phytoprotective, growth-stimulating, decomposing, phosphate-mobilizing and nitrogen fixing properties

Efficiency of action, ecological benefits


Application guidelines
Treatment of soil, plants residues, field stubble with aqueous Polybact suspension is conducted by spraying or sprinkling technique at night or during cloudy day, avoiding direct sun ray exposure. Moisture content at the moment of treatment must be at least 60% for soil layers 10-12 cm deep. Evenly distributed post-harvestimg residues are disk-tilled to the depth 5-15 cm. The time span between Polybact introduction and ploughing-in should not last more than 3-5 h

Application dose:
3 l of concentrated Polybact (300 l of working solution) / 1 hectare

Active ingredients
Cells, spores and metabolites of bacteria showing antagonistic, cellulolytic, phosphate-mobilizing and nitrogen-fixing activities

Preparative form

Terms of storage
3 months since date of fabrication at temperature range +4 to +15°C in sealed containers under the roof

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