Purpose:  Phytoprotectin is designed to curb fungal and bacterial pathologies of vegetable crops grown in greenhouse and open field plots and to protect coniferous trees from Diplodia infection.

Phytoprotectin is especially effective against the following vegetable diseases – bacterial black and soft rot, Alternaria blight, leaf brown spot, gray rot, fusarial wilt, root rots, seed pathogens.

      Phytoprotectin efficiency:

It secures reduction of infection rate in cabbage, carrot, cucumber, tomato crops by 30-60%, harvest rise of 20-30%, stimulates seed germination and development of cultivars.

Phytoprotectin ecological advantages:

-asolute safety for humans, animals and beneficial insects

-harmless to vegetables and not spoiling flavor

-will not provoke appearance of resistant pathogenic forms

-does not generate toxic agents in the environment

-special measures for disposal of biopesticide are not required. The empty containers are utilized with domestic garbage

Application guidelines:

Shake up prior to use and dilute with tap water to get working solution

Phytoprotectin active  principle:  spores and antimicrobial metabolites of bacteria Bacillus subtilis with viable spore titer 1-7.109

Phytoprotectin commodity form:  liquid

Storage period:  3 months at temperature range from +4oC to +15oC


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