Feed premix added into the rations
of reared young cattle

Properties and advantages
Feed supplement based on straw substrate of solid phase culture of fungus Pleurotus ostreatus contains up to 18% of crude protein, vitamins A, E, macro- and microelements and displays enzymatic, antioxidant, absorbing activities

Efficiency of action
Supply into the rations of cattle youngsters promotes 6.6% increase of average daily weight gains at 10.7% lower fodder expense, resulting in 4.8% reduction of production costs. MycormPlus stimulates the digestive function leading to enhanced assimilation of nutrients (by 0.2-1.7%) and more vigorous fiber metabolism (10.2%). It normalizes morphological and biochemical blood parameters

Application guidelines
Recommended MycormPlus doses for cattle youngsters –

up to 50% of daily rations

Ecological benefits
MycormPlus characteristics match the criteria set by “Veterinarysanitary regulations for safety of fodder, feed additives and materials used in composite feed formulation”

Active ingredients
Straw substrate remaining after solid-phase fermentation of fungus Pleurotus ostreatus and other components authorized by Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Belarus republic for use in cattle rations

Principle of action
MycormPlus is enriched with fungal protein, bioactive agents and enzymes facilitating digestibility of rough forage. Its ingredients show elevated level of antioxidant activity and ability to absorb heavy metal ions

Preparative form
In pellets or in bulk

Terms of storage
2 months since date of fabrication. The product is stored in warehouse protected from atmospheric fall-out at relative air humidity under 70%

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