Microbial preparation
for treatment of root system of microclonal seedlings, soil
and vegetating plants of genus Vaccinium

MaCloR enhances adaptation and survival of microclonal slips resulting in 100% yield of transplants

Application guidelines

  • Treatment of root system – a single procedure for seedlings transferred into non-sterile peat substrate at the dose 0.1 l of the product / 1 000 transplants. Expense of working solution – 50% diluted MaCloR is applied in the ratio 0.2 l/1 000 plantlets;
  • Spraying of vegetating plants twice at the dose 1 l MaCloR per 1m2.  50% working solution is applied in amount 2 l/m2. The first treatment is performed 2 weeks upon transfer of seedlings from the nursery, followed by the second treatment during vegetation period

Ecological advantages
MaCloR promotes yields of eco-friendly products. It is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, beneficial insects

Active ingredients
Nitrogen-fixing strain, phosphate-mobilizing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) of genus Glomus and their metabolites

Principle of action
AMF facilitates generation  of arbuscles (AMF structures) ensuring extra prosphorus uptake by plants, associative diazotroph promotes accumulation of  biological nitrogen causing stimulating effect on plant growth and development

Preparative form

Terms of storage
3 months within temperature range +4 to +15°C in sealed container protected from rainfall

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