Feed additive
ensuring prevention of gastrointestinal diseases,
increased survival rate and productivity
of farm stock

Probiotic component of whole milk substitute

Efficiency of action

  • 10.8%, increase of calf body weight;
  • 4.4%, rise of average daily growth rate;
  • reduced incidence of dyspepsia cases;
  • shortened disease duration by 1-2 days

Application guidelines

The recommended dose:
30 g / 1 ton of whole milk substitute

Ecological benefits
Lyobact is eco-friendly probiotic not affecting quality of foodstuffs, not requiring protective precautions from humans and animals and contributing to output of eco-safe agroproducts

Active ingredients, principle of action
Lyobact contains freeze-dried cultures of lactic acid- and bifidobacteria (at least 20 bln CFU/g). The bacteria are distinguished by antagonistic activity toward pathogenic and opportunistic microbial species responsible for gastrointestinal diseases, elevated rates of growth and acidogenesis, resistance to adverse gut factors (low pH of the medium and bile accumulation), production of vitamins, enzymes hydrolyzing diverse oligo- and polysaccharides (feed constituents) resulting in enhanced assimilation of fodder and activation of metabolic processes in animal body

Preparative form
Dry powder

Terms of storage
12 months at temperatures below 8°C in dry, ventilated, shady place

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