Lacsil-M, Lacsil-MS

for ensiling fodder

Efficiency of action

  • to improve feed quality;
  • utilize rationally carbohydrate stock of green mass, to intensify lactic acid fermentation, to optimize ratio of organic acids and increase energy nutritive value of fodder;
  • to improve flavor and stability of silage, to upgrade fodder with bioactive substances and minimize losses of nutrients;
  • to reduce by 20% unit fodder expense per 1 kg body weight;
  • to raise average daily weight gains by 9-12%;
  • milk yields by 5-10%

Application guidelines

Lacsil-M (liquid)
Expense dose:
1 l of the product / 15 ton of ensiled green mass

Lacsil-MС (powder)
Expense dose:
1 g of the product / 1 ton of ensiled green mass

The concentrate diluted with drinking water is evenly distributed in the ensiled mass. The top layer (approximately 50 cm deep) most vulnerable for development of putrefactive microbiota is treated by double amount of preparations

Ensiling procedure should be conducted in compliance with technological criteria specifying fodder harvesting terms, humidity of ensiled mass, degree of grinding and packing of vegetable material

Ecological benefits
Preparations will not cause toxic action on the environment and animals, do not require any protective means, will not provoke corrosion of machinery or impair integrity of vegetative cells, allowing to preserve valuable intracellular juice and to yield eco-safe products

Active ingredients
Living cultures of lactic acid bacteria of genus Lactobacillus. 4 bacterial strains – constituents are distinguished by elevated growth rate and acid generation capacity resulting in rapid pH decline to 4.0, a broad spectrum of fermented carbohydrates, antagonism against rotting pathogens (mould fungi, yeasts, putrefactive species)

Preparative form, terms of storage
Lacsil-M – liquid; 4 months at temperatures from 0 to +20°C.
Lacsil-MS – dry powder; 12 months at temperatures from 0 to +10°С.
Both products are kept in dry ventilated place avoiding direct solar exposure

LACSIL-M: State registration
LACSIL-MS: State registration 

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