IM-pro 1

Dry bacterial concentrate
to enrich dairy products
with probiotic microflora

Properties and advantages
Bacteria-ingredients of IM-pro1 preparation display antimicrobial activity towards opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms, activate immune system, show acid and osmotolerance, resistance to antibiotics (doxycycline, erythromycin, streptomycin), utilize carbohydrates to produce L-lactic acid as principal metabolite, synthesize organic acids, vitamins, aminoacids, enzymes involved in metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins

Application guidelines
IM-pro1 is applied in combination with main starter culture for manufacturing dairy products (yoghurt, cheese, kefir, clabber, desserts) enriched with probiotics. Content of the package is introduced aseptically into whole milk container at proper fermentation temperature. The mixture is stirred during 10-15 min for uniform distribution of inoculum. Agitation is repeated one hour later. IM-pro1 dosage depends on required cell titer in the end product and its storage terms

Cell titer, CFU/g Amount of the product, g/U Amount of milk mixture inoculated
with 1 package, ton
  (4-9)х1011 10/25 0,5
20/50 1,0
60/150 3,0

Active ingredients
Concentrated freeze-dried probiotic cultures of bifido- and lactic acid bacteria: Bifidobacterium adolescentis, Lactobacillus plantarum. Viable cell titer – at least 10 bln per 1 g (minimum 1×1010CFU/g)

Form of fabrication
Metallized packs containing 25, 50, 150 activity units (U)

Terms of storage
12 months at temperatures +2 to +6°C



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