Dry bacterial concentrate
used in starter cultures

to ensure utmost lactose utilization
in the course of manufacturing fermented dairy products
with upgraded consumer characteristics

The percentage of utilized lactose reaches 20-33.7%
using IM-laczyme concentration 1х106 CFU/ml

Superior efficiency of bifidobacterial strain with increased level of β-galactosidase production: 10-fold over the parent strain, 100-120-fold – compared to the commercial strain B.lactis Bb-12

IM-laczyme industrial application will enable:

  • to enlarge the spectrum and raise consumer ranking of food commodities;
  • to upgrade flavor and promote digestibility of the products;
  • to impart new functional properties owing to generation of galactooligosaccharides stimulating development of beneficial intestinal microbiota

Application guidelines
The contents of IM-laczyme package is fed aseptically into milk mix container at the suitable fermentation temperature. The dosage depends on the required cell concentration in the end product and term of storage

Active ingredients
Freeze-dried cells of bifidobacteria with high β-galactosidase activity. The viable cell titer is at least 1х1010 CFU/g

Form of fabrication
The packs containing IM-laczyme portions sufficient to produce 1 ton and 5 tons of biokefir

Terms of storage
12 months at temperatures below -18°С, 3 months at temperatures +2 to +3°С

Technology of producing low-lactose biokefir «Kefilight»
using IM-laczyme bioproduct was developed
(Process manual BY 700036606.126-2014)



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