Biofertilizer Phytostymophos

Purpose:  Phytostimophos is designed to raise productivity of grain and legume crops by pre-sowing treatment of seeds and nutrition of vegetating plants. It enables to replace partially (15-20%) mineral phosphorus fertilizers and to avoid harvest drop. Phytostimophos increases average yields by 20%(ensuring rise in productivity of grain crops and peas of 2.5-3.5 c/ha).

Application guidelines:

Pre-sowing seed treatment of legume crops and peas: Phytostimophos application dose – 200 ml per hectare portion of seeds (1 liter/ton of seeds).

Treatment of vegetating plants:  2% Phytostimophos  solution is used (2 l of product per 100 l of water).

Fumigants.  Seeds exposed to systemic  chemical agents (fundasol and its analogs) may be treated with Phytostimophos immediatetely after fumigation. For instance, the seeds fumigated with dividend, lamador, raxil are kept overnight and in the morning are planted into soil right after Phytostimophos treatment procedure.

Herbicides.  They may be introduced into soil at least 10 days upon Phytostimophos treatment.

Active principle of bioproduct:

Phosphate-mobilizing bacteria Agrobacterium radiobacter conducting microbial conversion of hardly soluble phosphates from soil and fertilizers into readily digestible form for agrocrops. Phytostimophos stimulates seed germination, activates physiological and biochemical processes in plants, transforms non-accessible phosphates and increases phosphorus mobility by 25-30%.

Titer of viable cells is minimum 4.0 bln/ml.

Product commercial form:  liquid.

Shelf life:  3 months at temperature range +4 to +15oC.

The product is ecologically safe and not toxic for humans and animals.

It is especially efficient in combination with Phizobacterin as a partial substitute of N and P mineral fertilizers.

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