Enzyme preparation Katalase

Catalase represents oxidoreductase enzyme class. The enzyme catalyzes reaction of hydrogen peroxide decomposition to molecular oxygen and water. Catalase is a major component of protective antioxidant barrier for cells of aerobic microbial species and many facultative anaerobes. Catalase is reffered to enzyme group distinguished by low operation stability and gradual loss of activity.

Catalase finde use in food industry for sterilization of beer, beverages, milk products and in combination with glucose oxidase as antioxidant. Catalase is indispensable in some technologies engaging hydrogen peroxide: bleaching of substances, organic synthesis, rubber polymerization, fabrication of porous materials. In medicine catalase serves as diagnostic tiil and is helpful in designing multienzymic antioxidant complexes. The enzyme is applied in research projects.

Enzyme preparation Catalase distinguished by increased operational stability, pH and thermal resistance has been developed at the Institute of microbiology, National academy of sciences, Belarus.

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