Lactic acid fodder supplements
to improve the nutritional value of feeds

Efficiency of action
The supplements upgrade fodder with bioactive substances, raise digestibility of major nutrients, normalize metabolic processes, minimize probability of dyspepsia cases and promote farm stock productivity.

The products ensure:

  • 20% average daily weight gains;
  • 10-14% saving of fodder expense per unit product;
  • 60-80% increase in efficiency of gastrointestinal disease prophylaxis

Application guidelines

Expense dose:
for liquid DKM:
1,5% of the volume of whey, milk or colostrum
for dry DKM-C:
0.5-1 kg / 1 t composite feed

Ecological benefits
The supplements guarantee ecological safety, do not affect quality and flavor of farm products, don`t require special protective measures as regards humans and animals

Active ingredients
Living cells and metabolites of lactic acid bacteria

Terms of storage, preparative form
DKM (liquid) – 3 months at temperatures +4 to +15°С;
DKM-C (powder) – 12 months at temperatures +4 to +15°С.
The products are stored in dry, ventilated, shady place

DKM, DKM-C: State registration


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