accelerating decontamination of municipal sewage and farm wastewaters polluted
with ammonium nitrogen

Deammon as the product of prolonged effect saves money
and time required for weekly treatment procedures

Efficiency of action

  • intensifies degradation of ammonium nitrogen in municipal sewage by 80-87%;
  • ensures stable long-term efficiency of detoxification process;
  • enhances oxidation potential of activated sludge;
  • lowers aeration energy costs;
  • steps up total performance of decontamination units

Application guidelines
The product is introduced in amount 0.5 l / 1 m3 of treated effluent in 2 stages spaced by a fortnight. Extra detoxification is recommended once or twice a year. Shake up prior to use

Ecological advantages
Lack of phytotoxicity and safety for the environment, humans, animals, plants, birds, fish, bees

Active ingredients
Microbial strains actively utilizing ammonium compounds

Principle of action
Deammon contains non-toxic and not pathogenic active bacteria utilizing wastewater both as the habitat and nutrient substrate. Concentration of ammonium nitrogen falls rapidly under the impact of Deammon action

Preparative form

Terms of storage
3 months at temperatures from +4 to +15°C in sealed containers not exposed to precipitation



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