Bioactive feed supplement
to normalize gut microbiota and digestion processes,
to increase productivity of farmstock and poultry,
to upgrade assimilation and nutritive value of fodder

Efficiency of action
The product normalizes composition of gut biocenosis and liver function in farm stock and poultry, promotes protein, lipid, mineral, vitamin metabolism, raises productivity of calves and broilers by 8.9% and 11.1%, respectively. The estimated economic effect for broilers and calves – 1.45 and 5.86 roubles per each spent pouble

Application guidelines
The bioadditive is admixed to whole milk substitutes or fodder rations in the ratio:

  • 4-5 g / 1 kg for broiler chicken daily
  • 1 g / 1 calf daily during 2 months

Ecological advantages
No limitations are set for slaughtering period and consumption of farm stock and poultry products

Active ingredients
Living culture of yeast Cryptococcus flavescens, the produced metabolites and dolomite meal as the binder

Preparative form

Terms of storage
1 year at the temperature range 0 to +20°C in commercial package and roofed warehouse ruling out direct sun ray exposure and atmospheric fall-out

CRYPTOLLIFE: State registration
CRYPTOLLIFE-C: State registration



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