Complex biopreparation
to decontaminate and remediate fish ponds
and water reservoirs 
with organic and mineral compounds

Properties and advantages
Biovir is distinguished by elevated antimicrobial, decomposing and phosphate-mobilizing activities

Efficiency of action

  • reduces the content of total phosphorus, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen 2.3 times, blue-green algae population twice
  • Biovir ensures decay of organic pollutants 2-2.4-fold (estimated in COD and BOD levels)

Application guidelines

  • Biovir is introduced into fish ponds 4 times per season – at the dose 3 l / 1 ha in May and 0.5 l / 1 ha from June to August.
  • The treatment of recreational reservoirs is conducted upon first manifestations of water blossoming by 2-3 spraying cycles divided with 8-10 day intervals (the expense of concentrated Biovir is 0.5 l / 1 ha for the first procedure and 0.3 l / 1 ha for the second procedure).

Preferred water temperature is above 21°С

Ecological benefits
The product is not phytotoxic and safe for humans, animals, fish, beneficial insects

Active ingredients
Cells, spores and metabolites of bacterial consortium representing genera Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhodococcus

Terms of storage
3 months since manufacturing date at temperatures from 0 to + 15°C in sealed container protected from atmospheric precipitation

Preparative form

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