Dry probiotic biopreparation
for prevention and treatment of cow mastites

Efficiency of action
Bactomast treatment of cow mamillae inhibited overall bacterial colonization (2.4-4.8 times), suppressed populations of pathogenic species and shiffed the balance to lactic acid bacteria, lowered the amount of somatic cells in milk. In therapeutic efficiency (83.3%) Bactomast is not inferior to iodomastine – basal veterinary agent

Ecological benefits
Bactomast is safe and hence it does not require special protective precautions with regard to humans and animals. Side effects, counter-indications and complications were not recorded in application practice. Cattle slaughtering is authorized irrespective of the latest date of Bactomast treatment

Application guidelines

  • Bactomast preventive procedure is conducted immediately after cow milking by immersing mamillae into liquid biopreparation containing living cultures of lactic acid and bifidobacteria at the minimal cell titer 1×107 CFU/cm3. The working solution is prepared by diluting vial concentrate (about 0,5 g) in 1 liter of clean drinking water adjusted to temperature 37±1°C and holding it for 30-40 min. The contents of Bactomast package (1 g) is dissolved in 2 l of drinking water
  • Therapeutic treatment envisages sterile dilution of Bactomast vial in 400 ml of saline followed by intracisternal injection into the udder affected by subclinical mastitis at a single diurnal dose 5 cm3 per each lobe (cell titer at least 1×108 CFU/cm3) during 3-4 days

Active ingredients
Active cultures of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. The titer of viable cells in 1 g of the product is at least 1×1010 CFU

Principle of action
Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria as key Bactomast components display high antagonistic activity toward pathogenic species of genera Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia responsible for inflammation of mammary gland and enhance non-specific immune response in treated animals. The constituent bacterial strains possess resistance to a series of antimicrobial agents (aminoglycoside and cephalosporine antibiotics), allowing to engage this biopreparation in complex therapy of cow mastitis

Preparative form
Bactomast-D – dry porous mass of beige to light-cream color. Its dissolution in liquid media yields suspension with faint dairy fermentation smell

Terms of storage
18 months since manufacturing date at temperatures from 0 to +8°C in place protected from direct sunray exposure and precipitation

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