Bacinil, Bacinil-K

Prophylactictherapeutic veterinary preparations
preparations are aimed at correction of gastrointestinal microbial cenoses and stimulation of immune response in sick cattle, swine, poultry

Efficiency of action
Preparations Bacinil and Bacinil-K show a broad spectrum of antagonistic activity against strictly and opportunistically pathogenic microorganisms. They do not inhibit normal gut microflora, display immunefostering effect, reduce rate of enteritis cases by 25-30%, shorten twice duration of pathology, promote 20% live weight increment

Application guidelines

Enteritis prevention protocol (Bacinil, Bacinil-K):

  • neonatal calves should be fed Bacinil/Bacinil-K at the first, third day of life and during transfer from puerperal box to raising sections at the ratio 10 ml per 100 ml of water per capita;
  • new-born piglets during the first and third days – 1 ml per capita mixed with drinking water and 1.5 ml Bacinil/Bacinil-K on the final day of sucking phase;
  • for broiler chicken Bacinil/Bacinil-K is supplied with drinking water in proportion 1liter per 100 l of water, starting from 24 hours of age as a 5-day course. This preventive cycle should be repeated twice or thrice with 7-10 day intermissions
Enteritis therapy (Bacinil, Bacinil-K):
  • calves with enteritis symptoms should be administered 15 ml Bacinil/Bacinil-K daily per capita with drinking water dissolved at the ratio 1 therapeutic dose per 100 ml of water until complete elimination of diarrhea and in the following 2-3 days to consolidate the effect;
  • piglets with enteritis cases are daily fed 1.5 ml Bacinil/Bacinil-K per head with drinking water dissolved in proportion 1 therapeutic dose per 20 ml of water until full recovery with 2-3 day follow-up;
  • broiler-chicken with diarrhea syndrome – Bacinil/Bacinil-K with drinking water prepared on the basis 2 liters per 100 l of water until disappearance of diarrhea manifestations plus 2-3 days of follow-up treatment.
Respitory infections in calves (Bacinil):
  • Bacinil is introduced intratracheally as a preventive agent at the diurnal dose 10 ml, the intake is ceased for 2-3 days, and then the procedure is reiterated in 3-4 runs;
  • for therapy 15 ml dose is supplied once per diem for 5-6 days in a row until total rehabilitation
Placentitis and endometritis cases (Bacinil):
  • A single 10-15 ml Bacinil dose is injected daily into cow vagina and the course lasts for 3-4 straight days until termination of effusions from genital organs.

Supply of biopreparations in combination with antibacterial agents will not cause side effects. They may be administered in mixture with milk or colostrum for prevention and treatment of enterites in new-born farm animals

Ecological benefits
They will not downgrade quality of farm products, harmless and do not require special accessories and measures to protect humans and animals, promote output of eco-safe products

Active ingredients, preparative form
Bacinil – antimicrobial metabolites of bacteria Bacillus subtilis; liquid.
Bacinil-K – cells, spores and metabolites os bacteria Bacillus subtilis; liquid

Terms of storage
6 months at temperatures +4 to +15°С, in dry, ventilated, shady place


BACINIL: State registration
BACINIL-K: State registration


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