to intensify decontamination of municipal sewage,
industrial effluents and farm wastewaters
polluted with lipid compounds

Efficiency of action
85-100% disposal of the pollutants is achieved by 48 h at lipid concentration 0.5 g/l, by 80 h at 8 g/l concentration


Properties and advantages
Antoil is designed to intensify recovery of municipal sewage, industrial effluents, farm wastewaters overloaded with fats and oils of various origin. It may be applied in diverse sewage detoxification systems, septic tanks, cesspools, cottage toilets for rapid and effective degradation of feces. Antoil eliminates unpleasant odor, liquefies top crust and bottom sediment, cuts considerably the volume of solid fractions, prevents pipeline clogging, reduces frequency of sanitary pumping

Application guidelines
Shake up before use. Special detoxification measures are not required

  • For sewage systems

Pour Antoil concentrate into the sink, toilet bowl or directly in the manhole at the dose

0.5 l / 1 m3 of treated effluent

The processed water seeps into the ground via drainage network and it may be used for technical purposes. The remaining bacteria are precipitated as activated sludge on the bottom of septic tank and they may be utilized for the subsequent treatment or for composting. Vigorous growth of vegetation is recorded at discharge sites of wastewaters treated with Antoil. Repeated application is recommended 1-2 times per year

  • For cesspools and summer house toilets

Estimated dose:
1 l of concentrated / 1 m3 of detoxified mass

Dilute 1l of concentrate in 5-10 l of warm water (30-40°C) and pour the solution into the treated cesspool. Permanent presence of liquid fraction is essential. If necessary, add sufficient water. Unpleasant smell vanishes in 10-20 days, the product retains activity until first frosts

Optimal conditions: pH range 5-9, chlorine concentration under 35 mg/l, lack of strong acids and alkali, high levels of bactericides and antiseptics. All these agents adversely affect vital functions of Antoil microbial constituents

Ecological benefits
Antoil is eco-friendly product, not toxic, non-pathogenic, not explosive and caustic, fire- and corrosion-proof, resistant to common chemicals, with proper pH value 7.6-7.8, safe for the environment, humans, animals, plants, insects

Active ingredients
Hyperactive strains-degraders of lipid pollutants, viable cell titer at least 1 bln CFU/ml

Principle of action
is based on biodecomposition and assimilation by superactive microbial cultures of organic compounds (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) as sources of energy and nutrition with ultimate release of water and carbon dioxide. Antoil readily copes with elevated levels of fats, oils and fatty acids, improving thereby standards of effluents

Preparative form
Non-transparent liquid (turbid sediment may not be excluded) with specific bacterial odor and light-beige color



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