Microbial preparation for the regulation of soil microbiocenoses and degradation of residual herbicides
of the sulfonylurea series and imidazolinones

Efficiency of action

  • reduces the level of residual amounts of herbicides of the sulfonylurea series and imidazolinones to 30% in the soil,
  • Suppresses the development of pathogenic microflora and ensures the restoration of agrobiocenosis, increases the yield of agricultural crops by 12-20%, and when combined with
    herbicides – by 21-34%


Phytotoxicity of liquid medium with herbicide imazamox (50 MPC)
(without Agrorevitol (a), with Agrorevitol (b)


Chromatogram of an extract of a liquid medium with chlorimuron-ethyl (100 MPC)
(without Agrorevitol (a), with Agrorevitol (b)


Application guidelines
The biopreparation “Agroravitol” is used together with the recommended herbicides by spraying soil or agricultural plants in the first half of the vegetation season

Application dose:
4 l of biopreparation (200-400 l of working solution) / 1 ha

Active ingredients
Bacteria Rhodococcus erythropolis and Rahnella aquatilis, capable to degrade the herbicides of sulfonylurea series and imidazolinones, as well as spore forming bacteria Bacillus subtilis with pronounced phytoprotective and growthstimulating properties

Preparative form

Terms of storage
3 months since date of fabrication at temperature range +4 до +16°С in sealed containers under the roof



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