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Biopesticide to protect fruit cultivars, bulbiferous floral cultures, deciduous and coniferous trees from microbial diseases, to promote growth of aspen and birch microclones Efficiency of action Promotes healing canker lesions in apple-trees by 46-52%, inhibits spread of scab on leaves …



Biopesticide to control microbial diseases of sugar and table beet, cucumber and tomato cultivars, bulbiferous floral cultures, conifers Efficiency of action to suppres clamp rot infection of sugar and table beet during vegetation period – 36-60%, in storage piles – …



Purpose:  Baciturin is recommended for biological control of pests, like Colorado beetle, spider mite, carrot leaf flea, cabbage moth attacking a spectrum of vegetable crops: potatoes, carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage. It is also effective against leaf-eating insects damaging oak forests …


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