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Enzyme preparation Katalase

Catalase represents oxidoreductase enzyme class. The enzyme catalyzes reaction of hydrogen peroxide decomposition to molecular oxygen and water. Catalase is a major component of protective antioxidant barrier for cells of aerobic microbial species and many facultative anaerobes. Catalase is reffered …


Immobilized glucose isomerase

Purpose: Production of natural sugar substitutes for dietetic and  prophylactic- therapeutic nutrition – glucose-fructose syrup and/or fructose from presaccharified starchy materials. Brief description: Method of producing biocatalyst for glucose-fructose isomerization reaction envisaging immobilization of microbial cells producing cell-bound glucose isomerase …


Enzyme preparation glucose oxidase

Glucose oxidase is widely applied in chemical industry to manufacture gluconic acid, gluconates, hydroquinone, propylenebromhydrine. In food industry the enzyme may be applied as antimicrobial agent with broad spectrum of action, as antioxidant to remove foodstuffs (fats and oils, meat …



Biosorption preparaion for decontamination of soil and water polluted with crude oil and its fractionation prod Efficiency of action Rhodobel-TN ensures: 97-99% recovery of soils contaminated with concentrations of oil and derived products up to 0.5% within 2 months during …



Purpose: It is designed to eliminate emergency oil spills in soil and water. Ecobel is a highly efficient bacterial preparation capable to activate degradation of oil and derived products on water and soil surface. Ecobel action is based on application …


Microbial preparation Cleanbac

Purpose:  intensification of decontamination of municipal and farm effluents. Application areas:  public utilities sector, agriculture. Efficiency of wastewater detoxification reaches 90% in BOD, matching best foreign analogs. Principle of action. Cleanbac ecological effect is based on biodegradation and assimilation of …



Lipocar is intended for use in poultry rations for broilers, laying hens, breeders(chicken, geese, ducks, turkeys, quails) as immune-stimulating, antioxidant, counter-stress and detoxifying agent enriching fowl products (eggs and meat) with carotenoids Efficiency of action Lipocar prevents infectious diseases; normalizes …



Purpose:  Vetosporin is designed for treatment of purulent – necrotic infections attacking skin and hooves of farm stock. Recommended for external application. Efficiency of Vetosporin action: -displays antagonistic activity towards a broad spectrum of strictly and facultatively pathogenic microorganisms, including …



 Biofertilizer to increase productivity of brewing barley and to promote adaptation and growth of healthy planting stock of microclonal arborous species Efficiency of action Gordebac ensures 5-10% rise of brewing barely harvests and excellent grain quality. Its application is equivalent to extra supply of …



Biofertilizer  to increase soybean productivity Efficiency of action SoyaRhiz intensifies biological nitrogen fixation, reduces the doses of applied mineral fertilizers, upgrades grain, green mass characteristics and productivity of soybean crop. SoyaRhiz use guarantees rise of seed yields up to 35% Application …


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