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Bioactive feed supplement to normalize gut microbiota and digestion processes, to increase productivity of farmstock and poultry, to upgrade assimilation and nutritive value of fodder Efficiency of action The product normalizes composition of gut biocenosis and liver function in farm …



Prophylactic-therapeutic feed premix for farm stock Properties and benefits Cordycehol is a prophylactic-therapeutic feed additive to stimulate growth and development of farm stock. The product fosters immune system and adaptation potential of reared animals, raises antioxidant activity, native resistance and …



Dry probiotic biopreparation for prevention and treatment of cow mastites Efficiency of action Bactomast treatment of cow mamillae inhibited overall bacterial colonization (2.4-4.8 times), suppressed populations of pathogenic species and shiffed the balance to lactic acid bacteria, lowered the amount …



Microbial preparation for treatment of root system of microclonal seedlings, soil and vegetating plants of genus Vaccinium MaCloR enhances adaptation and survival of microclonal slips resulting in 100% yield of transplants Application guidelines Treatment of root system – a single …



Biopreparation for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and vegetating conifers to promote growth, raise yields of standard planting stock Bactopin is ecologically safe and economically efficient in comparison with chemical growth stimulators and mineral fertilizers Efficiency of action Survival rate of conifer …



Biofertilizer produced by aerobic fermentation of fowl litter promotes growth and raises harvests of cultivated crops, upgrades quality of  agroproducts, saves mineral nitrogen fertilizers and reduces doses of applied organic fertilizers. Biofertilizer efficiency: Polyfuncur application results in: – increase of …



Complex biopreparation  to control Phytophthora infection and Colorado beetle invasion in potato crops, Alternaria leaf spot and dry rot pathogens, cabbage moth and turnip white butterfly attacks in cabbage fields Advantages Application of complex biopesticide Xantrel allows to alleviate chemical pressure …



Biopesticide to control most deleterious potato fungal and bacterial diseases during vegetation and storage Efficiency of action Application of this biopesticide enables to reduce spread of infection in vegetating potato plants by 60-80%, in stored tubers by 60-70% and attain harvest …


Sporobact, Sporobact-K

Probiotics promoting biological digestibility of fodder and normalizing microbial cenosis of gastrointestinal tract in young cattle, swine and poultry   Efficiency of action Introduction of probiotic into feed ration accelerates metabolic and redox processes in animal body, improves assimilation of nutrients for calves: …



Biofertilizer to promote productivity of triticale, to stimulate growth and development of annual floral cultures, ornamental trees and shrubs, conifers Efficiency of action Intensifies biological nitrogen fixation, raises harvests, enhances plant resistance to adverse weather conditions, upgrades product quality, partially replaces …


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