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Biopesticide for comprehensive protection of oats to produce ecologically safe food grain   Intended for treatment of seeds and vegetating plants Efficiency of action 59.9% against root rots and 26.3% against Helminthosporium leaf blight, increasing thereby grain harvests by 2.3 – 3.0 …



Biopesticide for comprehensive protection of orchards and fruits from fungal diseases Ecosad is intended for treatment of trees and fruits before storage Efficiency of action 3 treatment procedures ensure 11-12.5% increase in yield of prime-grade fruits and 8.7-10.9% reduction of …



Biopesticide to control diseases of vegetables and green spicy crops grown in small-scale hydroponic culture Efficiency of action root rot and grey mould of cucumber – 49-64%; tomato root rot – 44.6%; root rot of parsley – 20.9-40.2%, of dill …



Synbiotic designed for prevention and treatment of intestinal infections, for recovery of normal gastrointestinal microflora of farm stock and poultry after drug therapy or indigestion, for correction and prophylaxis of immune disorders Farm products (milk and meat) may be consumed …



Probiotic feed supplement for prevention and treatment of immunodeficiency and infectious diseases in commercial aviculture Properties and advantages Complex feed probiotic supplement Proxiferon displaying antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant activities is an alternative to fodder antibiotics. It ensures normalization of intestinal biocenosis, …



Feed premix added into the rations of reared young cattle Properties and advantages Feed supplement based on straw substrate of solid phase culture of fungus Pleurotus ostreatus contains up to 18% of crude protein, vitamins A, E, macro- and microelements and …



Bioactive feed supplement to normalize gut microbiota and digestion processes, to increase productivity of farmstock and poultry, to upgrade assimilation and nutritive value of fodder Efficiency of action The product normalizes composition of gut biocenosis and liver function in farm …



Prophylactic-therapeutic feed premix for farm stock Properties and benefits Cordycehol is a prophylactic-therapeutic feed additive to stimulate growth and development of farm stock. The product fosters immune system and adaptation potential of reared animals, raises antioxidant activity, native resistance and …



Dry probiotic biopreparation for prevention and treatment of cow mastites Efficiency of action Bactomast treatment of cow mamillae inhibited overall bacterial colonization (2.4-4.8 times), suppressed populations of pathogenic species and shiffed the balance to lactic acid bacteria, lowered the amount …



Microbial preparation for treatment of root system of microclonal seedlings, soil and vegetating plants of genus Vaccinium MaCloR enhances adaptation and survival of microclonal slips resulting in 100% yield of transplants Application guidelines Treatment of root system – a single …


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