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Biopesticide to control bacterial diseases of vegetables in open field Efficiency of action Biopreparation possessing high antimicrobial activity controls development and deleterious effects of phytopathogenic pseudomonades pesponsible for bacterial diseases of vegetable crops. Multiphage suppressive effect on angular leaf spot …



Enzymatic feed supplement promoting digestibility and saving expense of fodder, upgrading nutritive value of rations, raising farm stock productivity Efficiency of action Compliferm inclusion into calf rations accelerates metabolic processes, increases average daily weight gains by 10.5% at 5.8% reduced …



Complex biopreparation to restore soil microbial cenoses and increase crop productivity Its application for treatment of grain crop residues promotes activity of major ecological-trophical microbial groups in contrast to mineral fertilizers suppressing soil microbiota. Polybact is distinguished by phytoprotective, growth-stimulating, …



Dry bacterial concentrate used in starter cultures to ensure utmost lactose utilization in the course of manufacturing fermented dairy products with upgraded consumer characteristics The percentage of utilized lactose reaches 20-33.7% using IM-laczyme concentration 1х106 CFU/ml Superior efficiency of bifidobacterial strain with increased …


IM-pro 1

Dry bacterial concentrate to enrich dairy products with probiotic microflora Properties and advantages Bacteria-ingredients of IM-pro1 preparation display antimicrobial activity towards opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms, activate immune system, show acid and osmotolerance, resistance to antibiotics (doxycycline, erythromycin, streptomycin), utilize carbohydrates to …



Feed supplement to promote digestibility and nutritive value of fodder, to normalize metabolic processes and raise productivity of broilers Efficiency of action Incrifos supply enhances average daily liveweight gains of chicken by 7-29%, increases head survival rate by 1-3%, activates …



Biopreparation to intensify removal of trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine from effluents and process solutions of biochemical absorption units A UNIQUE NOVEL PRODUCT !!! Efficiency of action ensures full recovery of water solutions contaminated with trimethylamine, triethylamine and dimethylethylamine; rules out accumulation …



Biopreparation accelerating decontamination of municipal sewage and farm wastewaters polluted with ammonium nitrogen Deammon as the product of prolonged effect saves money and time required for weekly treatment procedures Efficiency of action intensifies degradation of ammonium nitrogen in municipal sewage …



Probiotic for prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases in carp fish species Properties and advantages Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of probiotic are determined by elevated antimicrobial potential of bacterial strains. Emilin displays direct suppressing action on pathogenic microflora and indirect impact …



Complex biopreparation to decontaminate and remediate fish ponds and water reservoirs polluted with organic and mineral compounds Properties and advantages Biovir is distinguished by elevated antimicrobial, decomposing and phosphate-mobilizing activities Efficiency of action reduces the content of total phosphorus, ammonium and …


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