Laboratory of biotechnology of probiotics

Head of the laboratory: 

Alina Arashkova

Phone: +375 17 373-42-82; +375 17 247-27-85

The laboratory was founded in 2018 stemming from restructured laboratory of biological control agents

Principal research trends:

-        isolation, selection and engineering of super active strains of sporulating  bacteria with probiotic properties;
-        elucidation of mechanisms governing antimicrobial action of probiotic cultures, identification of the nature of produced metabolites and their controlled synthesis;
-       elaboration of technologies for production of probiotic veterinary preparations, feed additives, biodisinfectans, detergents with probiotic components;

- assessment of fungal contamination in buildings, development of environmentally safe methods for protection against mould damage;
- testing resistance of different materials to mould attack in model experiment;
- studies on the diversity and biotechnological potential of microorganisms isolated from natural and anthropogenic substrates brought from Antarctica.

Major research results:

-        the collection  of sporulating bacterial cultures of genus Bacillus showing elevated antagonistic activity against pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms – causal against of animal, fowl and fish diseases was set up;
-        competitive biotechnologies were developed and scaled up to pilot plant level to manufacture probiotic preparations for stock farms, commercial avi- and pisciculture.

-      the main reasons and factors of mould growth in buildings and premises were revealed;
-      in collaboration with the Institute of Physics NAS of Belarus the approaches were developed for application of  low-temperature plasma technology to decontaminate materials infected with spores of mould fungi;
-      the Antarctic isolates were screened for psychrotolerant cultures with elevated antagonistic activity against plant pathogens.

Major developments:

- veterinary preparations – for livestock and poultry: Bacinyl, Bacinyl-K (for correction of gastrointestinal microbial cenoses and stimulation of immune system of sick cattle, swine and poultry), Vetosporin (for prevention and treatment of purulent – necrotic skin lesions in animals), Enatin (for preventive sanitary treatment of stock and poultry farms); for industrial fish farming: Emilin (for prophylaxis and therapy of carp fish bacterial disease), Bacto-health (prophylactic remedy for bacterial infections of commercially  valuable fish species); Biovir (for decontamination and remediation of fish ponds and water bodies);
- feed supplements:  Sporobact, Sporobact K (to enhance biological digestibility of fodder, to recover gastrointestinal microbial cenoses of young cattle, swine and poultry), Proxyferon (to normalize gut biocenoses, to prevent and cure immunodeficiency and infection fowl diseases);

-      collection of fungi and DNA bank of micromycetes responsible for biodeterioration processes and engaged in fungal resistance laboratory trials were set up;
-      in cooperation with the researchers from Belarusian State Technological University the method of producing biopreparation “Phlebiopin” based on basidiomycete Phlebiopsis gigantea was elaborated and introduced into practice to protect conifer plantations from root rot.

Representative publications:

  1. New probiotic preparations based on sporulating bacteria of genus Bacillus for stock farms// N. V. Sverchkova, N. S. Zaslavskaya, T. V. Romanovskaya, E. I. Kolomiets // Vesti NAN Belarusi. Biol. ser.- 2014.-No 1.- P. 8-11.
  2. Upgraded technology of producing probiotic Bacinil-K for composite feed rations / T. V. Romanovskaya, N. V. Sverchkova, A. V. Berezhnaya, G. V. Zhuk, N. I. Girilovich, V. R. Stempitsky, A. A. Kuleshov, A. V. Mikhalyuk // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: Annual Transactions of Institute of Microbiology, NAS of Belarus, eds. E. I. Kolomiets, A. G. Lobanok – Minsk, Belarus, Navuka Press, 2015.- Vol. 7. – P. 144-159.
  3. Technology of manufacturing and application of a new probiotic preparation for forage production / N. V.Sverchkova, N. S.Zaslavskaya, T. V.Romanovskaya, E. I.Kolomiets, A. N. Michaluk, M. A. Kavrus // J. of Nature Science and Sustainable Technology. – 2015. – Vol. 9, № 1.- P. 1-11.
  4. Consortium of bacteria Bacillus subtilis as the active component of probiotic preparation for feed formulation and the method of producing derived probiotic preparation for composite feed rations / Belarusian Patent 21183, C12 N/20, F 61K 35/742 // Sverchkova N. V., Kolomiets E. I., Romanovskaya  T. V., Zhuk G. V., Zaslavskaya N. S. Appl. Institute of Microbiology, NAS of Belarus application No. 20131071, filed 12.09.2013 publ. 30.08.2017 // Off. Bullet, National center of intellectual property – 2017.- No.4. – P. 99.
  5. Probiotic preparation for prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases in valuable fish species / N. V. Sverchkova, T. V. Romanovskaya, N. V. Evsegneeva, G. V. Zhuk, E. I. Kolomiets, V. Y. Ageets, S. M. Degtyarik / Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: Annual Transact. Inst. Microbiol. NAS Belarus: eds. E. I. Kolomiets, A. G. Lobanok – Minsk, 2018 – Vol. 10. – Р. 249-262.

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