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Aliaksandr A. Kastsianevich

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Laboratory of expiremental mycology was founded in 1992. In 2010 after incorporation of biodeterioration group it was restructured into laboratory of experimental mycology and biodeterioration. In 2015 laboratory was restructured into laboratory of protein.


Main investigation trends:

  • engineering and investigation of recombinant proteins and bioactive peptides attractive for medicine, agriculture and food industry;
  • physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of fungi; elaboration of biotechnologies for intensive fermentation of edible and medicinal fungi to derive novel feed, alimentary and medical products.

Results of researh activities:

  • examination of cultural-morphological and physiological-biochemical properties of edible and medicinal fungi from genera PleurotusLentinusGanodermaLaetiporus, Phallus was carried out;
  • the following feed additives were developed: «Cordycehol» to promote growth and development of farm stock, to raise antioxidant activity, to enhance natural resistance and immunobiological reactivity of the organism; «MycormPlus» for young cattle;
  • factors promoting colonization of modern construction materials by microscopic algae, moulds and wood-decaying fungi were defined;
  • ecologically-safe methods were elaborated to eliminate mould attack zones at various objects: dwellings, museums, temples, buildings under construction and reconstruction (National library of Belarus, Belarussian State circus, Grand opera and ballet theater, etc. ).

Representative publications:

  1. Kastsianevich, A. A. Cloning of Arthrobacter sulfonivorans β-galactisidase gene in Esherichia coli cells / A. A. Kastsianevich, L. I. Sapunova, A. G. Lobanok // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: collect papers. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2014. – Vol. 6. – P. 51–62.
  2. Development of immunocorrecting and antioxidant feed additive based on fungi of genus Cordyceps / T. A. Puchkova [et al.] // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: collected papers. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2013. – Vol. 5. – P. 307–323.
  3. Mould damage of mineral fiber pressed boards / I. А. Goncharova [et al.] // Microbial biotechnologies: basic and applied aspects: collected papers. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2012. – Vol. 4. – P. 259–267.
  4. Mitskevich, A. G. Micromycetes in ecological monitoring of material heritage objects / A. G. Mitskevich, I. А. Goncharova, А. N. Kapich // Ecol. Vestnik. – 2011. – № 2 (16). – P. 19–26.
  5. Polysaccharides of medicinal caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps militaris (L.:Fr.) link (Ascomycetes): production and composition / T. A. Puchkova [et al.] // Int. J. Medicinal Mushrooms. – 2010. – Vol. 12, № 4. – P. 419–425.
  6. Kastsianevich, A. A. Cloning and sequencing of gene encoding β-galactosidase ofbacteria Arthrobacter sulfonivorans / A. A. Kastsianevich, L. I. Sapunova, A. G. Lobanok // Doklady NAN Belarusi. – 2015. – Vol. 59, No 1. – P. 70–74.

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Институт микробиологии Национальной академии наук Беларуси

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